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St Stephens Primary School

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At St Stephens, we are keen to develop thinkers who are willing and able to play their part in the wider community; in an increasingly globalised world, an understanding of other cultures and languages is a stepping stone to becoming respectful and informed global citizens. Through our teaching of French, we aim to foster a sense of curiosity about the wider world and give students practical language skills to use in real life. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of how to communicate spoken ideas with increasing fluency, write and read written forms of the language, laying the foundations for further teaching at KS3 level.


Through the use of a specialist languages teacher, KS2 students are given access to high quality French teaching, with skills progressing from Lower KS2 to Upper KS2. Songs, rhymes and repetition are used to explore the pattern of the language and the sound of the words, while stories are used to further understanding of grammatical features. Within each KS2 classroom, a French language display is used to embed learning on a day-to-day level. The French co-ordinator is given Termly overviews to ensure that progress is being made throughout the KS.


Children at St Stephens will become global citizens, using their knowledge of France and the French language to be curious thinkers, respecting and understanding another culture. Students will be able to engage in basic conversation, communicating using basic sentence forms that they have learned from memory. They will also be able to express their ideas through writing using basic French grammatical structures. Students will show progress in their breadth of French vocabulary.

The Subject Leader for Languages is Mrs S Dunn. 



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