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St Stephens Primary School

Religious Education


At St Stephens CP School we are passionate about providing an engaging and creative education which strives for excellence in every child. Through our Religious Education curriculum, we provide a safe space for children to question, learn and grow in their understanding of the world around them. As a school, we are keen to encourage the idea that we are all different, and that this is to be respected, but is also to be questioned. At St Stephens, we aim to foster an environment of enquiry and open-mindedness in which children feel comfortable enough to question their own beliefs and expand their ideas through the beliefs of others. As a proud Cornish school, we are keen to emphasise the role that religion has played in shaping Cornwall to be the place that it is today, and how it is becoming a more diverse culture.


Teaching and Learning at St Stephens shows progression across all key stages within the different strands with the RE curriculum.

Children at St Stephens have access to key language and meanings in order to understand and apply their knowledge to their learning.  

St Stephens staff will use the updated RE objective overview (as of 2020)  to show clear progression of skills and knowledge in their teaching across the school. Staff will keep each Key Stage overview updated with the cycle in which it was completed.


Children will become confident, constructive and reflective learners, with an understanding and respect for varied beliefs in an increasingly diversifying world. Children will have a deep understanding of Christianity; they will make links between religion and Cornwall, understanding how religion has shaped the identity of Cornwall and what religion in Cornwall is like in the present day. They will also have knowledge of 5 other main world religions. Children will know how beliefs have influence of the values and traditions of communities and individuals, linking this to Cornwall. They will be reflective in their thinking, questioning their own beliefs and experiences, comparing and contrasting with what they have studied. Within the school there will be an emphasis on the citizenship side of Religious Education. Through the teaching of RE, the qualities of commitment, fairness, respect, self-understanding, enquiry and openness will be fostered.

 The Subject Leader for RE is Mrs C Shickell.


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