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St Stephens Primary School

Healthy School Meals

At St Stephens CP School, we strive to set a good example of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We encourage children to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and learn different ways to do this effectively. We want to ensure that all children are aware of the benefits of being active and are able to make their own healthy choices in life. Children will gain self confidence and self worth through taking part in various wellbeing activities.


We believe that a supportive learning environment should also be a healthy environment. Well-nourished children are more engaged in their learning and achieve greater academic success in all areas. We believe that it is part of our responsibility as a school to help all members of our community to develop healthy eating habits which will stay with them for life.


  • To improve the health of pupils, staff and their families by helping to influence their eating habits through increasing their knowledge and awareness of what constitutes a healthy snack.
  • To ensure pupils are well nourished at school, and that every pupil has access to a safe, tasty and nutritious snack and a safe, easily available water supply during the school day.
  • To ensure that snack provision in the school reflects the ethical and medical requirements of staff and pupils, e.g. religious, ethnic, vegetarian, medical and allergenic needs.
  • To make the provision and consumption of a snack an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • To introduce and promote practices within the school to reinforce these aims, and to remove or discourage practices that negate them.

Please see our Healthy Eating Policy under our Policies tab for information on healthy eating and healthy snacks at school. 

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