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St Stephens Primary School

ICT Code of Conduct

St Stephens Community Primary School Computing Code of Conduct

I agree:

  • To follow the stop, close and report procedure, should I see something that is inappropriate or that makes me feel uncomfortable on the internet.
  • To only use the devices and school systems as instructed by my teacher.
  • Not to freely search on Google.
  • To only use Swiggle, specific web addresses or hyperlinks that my teacher has sent me when researching on the internet.
  • Not access or use inappropriate websites on the school system or devices. This includes social media websites, chat rooms and age restricted websites.
  • Not to share any personal information about myself or others on the internet with sources I am not familiar with. (Personal information includes, name, address, age, gender, school name, e-mail address or phone number.)
  • To communicate in an appropriate and polite manner on-line, through Google Classroom or e-mails.
  • To only log on with my account details and not to share these details with other pupils.
  • To only open e-mails from trusted sources such as @ssscp.org.uk or e-mail addresses that my teacher has advised are safe.
  • To allow my teacher access to my account at any given time.
  • Not to download anything onto the school system unless I have my teachers expressed permission.
  • To treat all devices with care and respect, and understand that if a device is damaged, I must report it to the teacher as soon as it happens.
  • To only access school e-mail and communication systems while at school and not use school equipment for personal accounts.
  • To appreciate that the systems and devices are there to primarily aid your learning.
  • To always log off from all devices when I have finished using them.

I promise to follow the Code of Conduct when using any form of technology in the school or school systems when at home. I understand that if I fail to do so, I may be denied access to these technologies until I show how responsible I am.

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